Final total BD18 and BD19 date annnounced

Final total raised for Macmillan Cancer Support from BD18 is £26,100. Well done to Pete Prescott and everyone involved. Two page spread in todays Hastings Observer where Pete says “I’m still walking around like a thunderbird” ! Anyone up for another one? Beatles Day 19 is expected to be Sunday 8th April 2018.

Sue Beattie… A fantastic amount. Well done everyone. A massive well done to Pete Prescott for organising it all. It was a brilliant day. Here’s to next year

Luke Verrall… Fantastic! Well done Peter Verrall, Pete Prescott and all those who work for months beforehand to make this one day happen.

Chris Barrett… I salute all you guys for putting it on. I’m always a bit lost for words to express my admiration for Pete after a Beatles day but I hope he realises how much he’s appreciated.

Geoffrey Sapsford… Well done Pete and all the team! Nice atmosphere – always enjoy playing – and a good cause to raise funds for!

Pamela Waller…We loved it! Can’t wait for next one. Well done everyone

Sharon Sellens… That’s fantastic! Thanks so much you to Pete Prescott & everybody involved

Rowena Christodoulou… Definitely coming again next year – it’s fab !! Thank you to all the organisers